Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why should I book TODAY?

A:  Because the pandemic is behind us.

Carnival has experienced extremely strong booking for late 2021 and early 2022, as the pandemic has faded and the VACCINE has minimized the likelihood of covid going forward.  All attendees must prove that they have been vaccinated under CDC guidelines.  This ship is almost sold out now, and we have a reserved block of cabins, but they are going fast.  Don’t wait.  Your deposit is refundable until Sept 15, 2021.

Q:  When should I get to ORLANDO?

A: We strongly recommend arriving in ORLANDO on Friday, January 7th, 2022, so you can attend our kick-off event and keynote speech by EXP Associate Broker JOHN ADAMS of Atlanta, Georgia. Our event begins at 8 pm, and will feature a cash bar. On Saturday, January 8, we’ll have a 4 hour event from 2 to 6 pm. At 8 pm, we’ll have Captain Lou’s Cheap Wine Party, to celebrate our departure early Saturday morning.

Arriving on the day of departure is risky.  John & Marjorie Adams nearly missed the boat a few years back due to icy weather and a late flight.  If you plan to arrive on Saturday, please make sure you can get to the CARNIVAL CRUISE TERMINAL at PORT CANAVERAL no later than noon.  I am trying to make arrangements to allow our group to board early, preferably before noon. 

Q:  If I get to ORLANDO on Thursday or Friday before cruise departure, where should I stay and what will it cost?

A:  We strongly urge you to consider staying at the EXPO CRUISE 2022 hotel, which will be announced soon.  We will negotiate a group rate and the Kick-Off Event will take place at this hotel.  However, you are welcome to stay anywhere you wish, and of course you are welcome at the kick-off event.

Q:  Is this event restricted to agents who are affiliated with EXP REALTY?  

A:  No, but it is primarily focused on helping new and experienced EXP agents take advantage of the many tools available through EXP REALTY.  If you are not an EXP agent, you should call JOHN ADAMS at 404-373-6400 and learn how EXP REALTY can change your life for the better. Then you will REALLY want to come on this cruise.

Q:  Is this event restricted to those based in North America?

A:  Absolutely not.  There are REALTORS in almost every country in the free world, and all are welcomed.  That being said, please be aware that all presentations will be in ENGLISH, and that most presentations will be focused on opportunities for agents affiliated with EXP REALTY.

Q:  Is this cruise sponsored by EXP REALTY?

A:  No, this is a privately sponsored event which has no affiliation, endorsement or approval of any kind by any particular real estate company or brokerage.  

Q:  So who is the sponsor?

A:  The EXPO CRUISE 2022 is sponsored by Real Estate Services Division LLC and it’s director, John Adams, a happy EXP Associate Broker in Atlanta, Georgia.  John has been a broker for over 40 years in Georgia, and loves to buy and sell houses.  He says he has been playing “real-life MONOPOLY” since he was 20. John has taught real estate courses for NAR National Conventions, WCR National Meetings, classes for Georgia REALTORS, and Continuing Education courses for the Georgia and Texas Real Estate Commissions. 

Q:  Can I book separately with Carnival and attend the EXPo 2022 Cruise Events?

A:  Short answer: No. Anyone publicly can book the same cruise. But without an EXPO Cruise Name Badge or VIP Wristband you will not be allowed in our networking events, mastermind sessions, pre-cruise party at the hotel, private dinners in main dining room, cocktail parties, private excursions, beach party, Pizza and Profits networking,  costume party, the Million-Dollar Referral Directory, or the private facebook group.  So if you want to grow your business, book with us. 

Q:  Why can’t I book one ticket for the EXPo, and then have my spouse & kids booked through Carnival?

A:  Because that would be unfair.  We make a small profit per cabin and most of that goes to Captain Lou’s company for facilitating this great cruise. Like any travel planner, that’s how Captain Lou earns a living and he is the best in the business to make this special event at sea the best vacation you ever had.  

We are doing everything possible to make sure the group pricing for our EXPO CRUISE reflects the best possible pricing at the time of your booking. However, in order for our group experience to be the best it can possibly be, we ask that you NOT book rooms elsewhere. This is such a bargain anyway, it’s just not worth it.

Q:  I am an influencer and want to be a group leader on this cruise.  How can we work together?

A:  You should join our eXpO Cruise AFFILIATE PROGRAM.  Refer 10 Cabins and Earn $2,000 Plus 30 Minutes of Stage Time in Front of the Entire Group to Present on the Approved Topic of Your Choice. Refer 5 Cabins and Earn $500 Plus 15 Minutes of Stage Time.

We will help you market this cruise to your tribe, and those you refer to us will thank you for years to come! To learn more about becoming an affiliate, call John Adams at 404-373-6400.

Q:  Do I have to attend all of the events on the itinerary?

A:  That is entirely up to you. While we do recommend attending all the events, it is your vacation and if you want to miss a session and go to the SPA with the spouse, or just sleep in, that’s O.K. We just know once you come to one session, you will want to come to all. If your spouse or family do not wish to join sessions, but enjoy the ship instead, they are more than welcome to do so.

Q:  Where can I book shore excursions?

A:  We at will arrange private shore excursions at each port of call, just for members of our group.   More info and a special link will be sent out as we get closer to the cruise.


Q:  What are some of the dynamite sessions that will be offered to attendees while onboard the ship?

  • REFERRALS: How to get them and give them!
  • RETIRE WEALTHY with a SOLO 401(k)
  • LATINO USA MASTERMIND – The Next Ten Years

Not to mention multiple masterminds and informal gatherings in the lounges or the 24 hour PIZZA PARLOR!

Q:  Will these training events qualify for continuing education in my state?

A:  No, as each state has different requirements, and these are designed to be mastermind events where experts share their best ideas, not classroom lectures.

Q:  Is this cruise tax deductible for me as a real estate professional?

A:  We are not qualified to give you tax advice, so we recommend that you consult with your CPA or tax adviser.  Almost certainly, the cost of the Orlando EXPo event would qualify as an event similar to a convention or a professional training event, which are typically seen as normal & reasonable business expenses.

How you decide to treat your expenses is a decision best made by you and your CPA.  One tax adviser put it this way:

“If business related, the expenses incurred while traveling to the site of that meeting, convention, trade show, or other event are, of course, tax deductible. The tax-deductible travel expenses include such expenditures as the cost of traveling between your home and the site of the event. Also included are the expenses of taxicabs, commuter buses, and airport limousines; lodging and meals; cleaning; telephone; and even tips. Additionally, all of the costs associated with attending the event itself are deductible.”

Again, how you choose to treat any business related expense is a matter between you and your tax adviser.

Q:  What are our destinations?